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Myrmidon buys self-published historical novel


Myrmidon has acquired the rights to Queen of Bedlam, a self-published debut novel by Laura Purcell based on the life of Queen Charlotte, wife of “mad” King George III of England. It will be the first in a series of novels about the lives of royal women from the Georgian period.

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Laura Purcell

Laura PurcellLaura Purcell began writing from an early age, fuelled by her love of classic novels. At nine years old, she spent a summer reading Black Beauty and wrote a poem about a war horse. When her teacher read it and went into raptures, Laura knew what she wanted to do with her life.

An avid fan of Jane Austen TV adaptions, Hornblower, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Sharpe, Laura developed a fascination with the Georgian period. Her novels explore the lives of royal women during this era, who have largely been ignored by modern history.

Laura is married to a wonderful web-developer and lives in Colchester, Essex with many pet guinea pigs. She loves all animals and is passionate about charities for them, such as The Dogs Trust.

Laura is a member of the Historical Novel Society, The Society for Court Studies, The Society of Authors and Historic Royal Palaces.

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Queen of Bedlam

Queen of BedlamLaura Purcell

London 1788. The calm order of Queen Charlotte’s court is shattered by screams. The King of England is going mad. Left alone with thirteen children and with the country at war, Charlotte has to fight to hold her husband’s throne. It is a time of unrest and revolutions but most of all Charlotte fears the King himself, someone she can no longer love or trust. She has lost her marriage to madness and there is nothing she can do except continue to do her royal duty.

Her six daughters are desperate to escape their palace asylum. Their only chance lies in a good marriage, but no prince wants the daughter of a madman. They are forced to take love wherever they can find it, with devastating consequences.

The moving true story of George III’s madness and the women whose lives it destroyed.


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Paperback 384 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-910183-01-4
Release Date 10th June 2013
Price £8.99
 Ebook  978-1-910183-02-1

The Afterword Reading Society: The Cartographer of No Man’s Land by P.S. Duffy

CarThe Afterword Reading Society are a group of book lovers who read books together and share their thoughts in the Canadian newspaper, the National Post.

The Cartographer of No Man’s Land was their book choice for January and they have a unique and interesting way of showing their understanding and enjoyment of the novels they read.

To see their Q and A with P.S.Duffy, and to see their charts and opinions, please click here to take you to their blog post.


Breaking Bad takes home two Golden Globes

Wanna CookBreaking Bad, which reached its climax in 2013 to a record audience of 10.3 million American viewers, had been a sleeper hit in America and the UK until its dramatic fifth series. However the show, which follows Walter White’s transformation from high school chemistry teacher to meth amphetamine kingpin, has always been critically acclaimed and has won Emmy awards and nominations since its debut in 2008.

Wanna Cook? is the Complete, Unofficial Breaking Bad Companion and is a comprehensive 500 page guide to all five seasons of the Emmy award and Golden Globe award winning TV drama.

The companion includes guides to every episode aired and includes details such as camerawork, settings and music, as well as in depth analysis of the wider themes of the series including the roles of violence, place, self-change, legal ethics and fan reactions.

Due for release in May 2014.