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End of Empires

End of EmpiresToby Frost 

The fifth exciting instalment of the cult Space Captain Smith series.

The lemming men of Yullia are rushing headlong towards the cliffs of destiny, and they intend to take the British Space Empire with them. When moral fibre clashes with lemming spirit, only one thing is certain – surrender is no longer an option. In the back-streets of Ravnavar, greatest planet of the Space Empire, revolution stirs. Someone will have to go deep undercover, take on the robot underworld and reveal what lies behind the mysterious Popular Front.

Worst of all, Major Wainscott – commando and nudist – has gone renegade in the most dangerous jungle in the galaxy. Someone will have to travel upriver, terminate Wainscott’s command and make him put some trousers on.

That someone is Isambard Smith. Once more, Smith and his crew must leap into action, civilise the galaxy and force legions of angry rodents to stop their nonsense at once. Smith is destined to topple a mighty empire. The only question is – whose empire will it be?


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Paperback 384 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-905802-88-3
Release Date 12th August 2014
Price £7.99
Ebook 978-1-905802-89-0



The final, climactic volume of Jon Grahame’s hard-boiled apocalyptic Reaper trilogy

It’s been a year since the virulent flu-like pandemic known as ‘SuperSARS’ wiped out over 98% of the world’s population turning Britain into a land of chaos, carnage and terror for the few survivors.

Ex-cop, Jim Reaper and his small band of trained ‘enforcers’ have successfully defended the little community of Haven that Reaper founded in North Yorkshire and it has become the hub of trade and co-operation between the dozens of peaceful settlements that comprise most of what’s left of northern England.

But not only the hopeful and the decent are coming together in ever-greater numbers. To the north, the city of Newcastle has become invested by a feral horde that Reaper knows will sooner or later turn rapacious gaze towards Haven and the communities under its protection. To the south is a regime called Redemption that claims to be the new seat of British government – claiming Prince Harry as its patron and with a full battalion of regular soldiers to enforce its authority.

Reaper decides that what is happening in the south can no longer be ignored and, together with his ruthless young protégé, Sandra Hinchliffe, sets off to learn about Redemption for himself. Reaper and Sandra are soon embroiled in a bloody struggle for power that threatens to engulf and then enslave most of the country. And then, with Reaper and Sandra far from Haven, the feral horde takes to the road.


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Paperback 384 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-905802-86-9
Release Date 1st July 2014
Price £7.99
Ebook 978-1-905802-87-6

Ten Questions with Denis Kilcommons (aka Jon Grahame)

ANGEL picToday is the release date of Jon Grahame’s second book, Angel.

Angel is the second in a post-apocolyptic trilogy and will soon be followed by the final instalment, Redemption, later in the year.

To mark the launch of Jon’s book he will be touring the Huddersfield area signing books at various Waterstones stores. Please click here for his tour dates.

Jon will also be giving various interviews throughout the month of March and if you’d like to see Jon’s first interview by Ethan Jones then please visit Ethan’s blog here.


Jon Grahame Book Signing Tour

Jon GrahameReaper is the first of a trilogy of post-apocalyptic novels written by Jon Grahame. Angel is the second instalment and is due for release on March 18th 2014. To mark this release Jon will be doing a ‘mini book tour’ around the Huddersfield area where he will be signing both copies of his books.

Jon will be signing both Reaper and Angel at:

Waterstones Huddersfield New Street – Saturday 22nd March 12-2
Waterstones Wakefield – Saturday 29th March 12-2
Waterstones Bradford – Saturday 5th April 12-2

Jon will also be attending the Media Centre and Huddersfield Literature Festival PechaKucha Night event on Thursday 14th March at 7pm.

Goodreads Giveaway – 50 copies of Angel up for grabs

ANGEL picTo promote the launch of Jon Grahame’s second novel, Angel, we are giving away 50 copies through Goodreads.

Angel is the second book in Jon’s post-apocalyptic trilogy. His first book, Reaper, will also be getting a revamp with a new matching cover and the final book, Redemption, is due out later this year.

For your chance of winning a copy please visit the Goodreads website here.