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International bestselling novel, The Garden of Evening Mists, moves to the big screen

The Garden of Evening MistsWhen a Malaysian columnist suggested in her article (back in 2012) that The Garden of Evening Mists would make a great film, little did she know that her piece would be read, and her advice taken.

‘Thanks to Aunty, a local film studio has set itself the ambitious task of turning an international bestselling novel into a movie.’ The Star

‘Suffused with a satisfying richness of colour and character, it still abounds in hidden passageways and occult corners. Mysteries and secrets persist. Tan dwells often on the borderline states, the in between areas, of Japanese art: the archer’s hiatus before the arrow speeds from the bow; the patch of skin that a master of the horimono tattoo will leave bare; or the “beautiful and sorrowful” moment “just as the last leaf is about to drop”. ’  The Independent

‘This is a novel that overflows with historical and specialist information, and like The Gift of Rain, it showcases Tan Twan Eng as a master of cultural complexities.’ The Guardian

It’s not hard to see why Henry Tan (chief operating officer for strategy, content and marketing for film company Astro), fell in love with this novel.

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