About Us

Our medium term goal is to become the UK’s most influential independent publisher of commercial and literary adult fiction outside the capital. Our strategy is essentially simple.

We invest in our authors

Myrmidon Books are written to an exceptionally high standard: crisp and engaging prose; captivating and imaginative story-telling. We value our authors highly and treat them fairly.

We invest in our books

We use only the best printers, binders and materials for our books to make them pleasurable to handle and easy to read. We do not take a miserly approach to the quantity of pages or to font sizes. We engage the best illustrators and graphic designers in the business, both for our jackets and for in-store marketing materials for booksellers who want to use them.

We invest in our customers

We make every effort to help booksellers and distributors sell our products profitably, offering highly competitive discounts and responding swiftly and flexibly to their delivery imperatives.

We question everything else

We achieve these things by ensuring that our resources are not consumed by excessive overheads and operating costs but directed principally to our products and to achieving high standards of service.

Myrmidon is a lean and agile publishing house. We proceed from submitted manuscript to bound copies very quickly and give a swift response to all our partners and associates at every stage of the process from literary agents to book buyers. We deploy simple and effective production and distribution systems and disciplines. All our directors and staff exist only to add value to products and services: our customer service people serve customers; our editors edit. We concentrate on the things that matter and that make a difference.

We take pleasure in our business and look forward to mutually profitable and stimulating transactions with all our collaborative partners.


‘A new press who are really exciting – have a look for them.’ Ian McMillan, The Verb, BBC Radio 3

‘Production values are high with good well designed covers… beautifully produced with good paper… books that are a pleasure to hold in one’s hand’. Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover literary blog