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A Game of Battleships


Toby Frost 

The fourth instalment of The Chronicles of Isambard Smith – Captain in the service of the British Space Empire.

In the 25th Century the future of the galaxy rests on a knife edge. The actions of one man could save the British Space Empire, or leave Earth at the mercy of deadly legions of ant-people. That one man is Captain Isambard Smith, and Earth is in a lot of trouble.

After blowing up a top-secret base, Smith and his crew deserve a rest. But their holiday is cut short when forces unknown destroy the robot convoy they were meant to be guarding. Smith finds himself in hot pursuit of a mysterious vessel that can pass through dimensions, incurring the wrath of the dreaded Grand Witchfinder of New Eden – which would be so much easier if his pilot wasn’t cowering under the dashboard and his ship wasn’t infested with man-eating toads.

Meanwhile, the Empire is gathering its allies to form a united front against alien tyranny. Unfortunately, the delicate negotiations have been entrusted to Major Wainscott, a man who knows no fear and very little about diplomacy or trousers. Once again, Captain Smith must summon all his courage to unite humanity behind the Empire. His quest will take him on a journey to face his greatest fears: from the depths of space, through Hell itself – and even to France.

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Toby Frost has created a very entertaining sci-fi comedy romp that openly borrows and sends up some of the most well known science fiction films and TV shows. If you don’t mind poking fun at sci-fi classics, and your nose doesn’t get bent out of shape by that sort of thing, then this is a series for you.’



Paperback 320 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-905802-77-7
Release Date 12th August 2013
Price £7.99
Ebook 978-1-905802-80-7

The Mandate of Heaven

The Mandate of HeavenTim Murgatroyd

Hou-ming, city of ghosts, central China, 1304 . . .

In a vast graveyard created by Mongol slaughter, three children meet amidst the decaying ruins and forge a friendship that will determine their destinies. As the years pass they separate, finding different paths in life.

Yun Shu, cruelly rejected by her father for refusing to bind her feet, seeks solace as a Daoist nun.

Hsiung, enslaved by the Mongols when just a boy, becomes a ruthless rebel warlord determined to drive the invaders from his native land.

Teng, an artist and scholar, last son of a once noble family ruined by the new Mongol dynasty, risks his life to preserve the culture he reveres.

For the three friends to come together, they must endure war, treachery, greed and the casual abuse of power. To win honour and unexpected love they must overcome dangerous enemies and conflicts in the depths of their hearts.

Each of them, through clouds of troubles, must earn the Mandate of Heaven.

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‘As in the first and second book in the trilogy, Tim’s writing is full of grim yet at the same time colourful descriptions of the harsh reality of life.’ Helen Mead, Telegraph and Argus


Hardback 560 pages
ISBN 978-1-905802-78-4
Release Date 4th October 2013
Price £16.99
Paperback 640 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-905802-92-0
Release Date 6th January 2015
Price £8.99
Trade Paperback 560 pages
ISBN 978-1-905802-82-1
Release Date 4th October 2013
Price £12.99
Ebook 978-1-905802-83-8