Brian O’Connell and Norm Chung

Brian O’Connell

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 08.48.16Brian O’Connell is an author, editor and journalist. He has worked throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the United States and Australia and has published articles in over 30 newspapers including the Sunday Times, the Evening Standard, the Wall Street Journal, the Irish Independent and numerous other newspapers and magazines. He has worked as an editor on three magazines as well as editing numerous books and periodicals at Le Soir, Wolters Kluwer and Sdu Uitgevers. Brian has appeared on television and radio in the United States, England, Ireland and Belgium. He is also the author of six books. He is American by birth but has spent the vast majority of his adult life wandering the globe. In his personal time he is an avid sailor, an amateur historian, a fisherman, a beer connoisseur and an all around reprobate. He lives in Oxford and, to the best of his knowledge, has two children, both of whom deserved a much better father.

Norm Chung

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 08.49.29Norm Chung is an illustrator and former games artist who has worked for Ignition Entertainment, Rebellion and Awesome Play. He has worked on games such as Pool Paradise, Mercury, Aliens vs. Predator Requiem and Speedzone. He began freelancing in 2010 and has since produced a variety of work in both traditional and digital media. The Fat Boy with the Bomb will be his first published book. Norm was raised in a Chinese Takeaway in Derbyshire and although he still enjoys being in the kitchen, he demonstrated his chosen career path at an early age, by scribbling on the walls, furniture and appliances of his parents’ business. In his personal time he is a keen martial artist and, although he trains really, really hard, his 5-year-old daughter still walks all over him. He is based in Oxford and considers himself blessed for his wonderful family and his awesome friends.