The Anatomist’s Dream

AnatomistClio Gray

The Anatomist’s Dream is a sumptuous feast for the senses that chronicles the early life of a very special boy as he makes a fantastic and epic journey with a travelling carnival across the dark and troubled landscape of 1840s Germany.

Something to be savoured by fans of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy, Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus or Patrick Süskind’s Perfume: the Story of a Murderer.

In a small salt-mining town, Philbert is born with a ‘taupe’, a disfiguring inflammation of the skull. Abandoned by both parents and with only a pet pig for company, he eventually finds refuge and companionship in a travelling carnival, Maulwerf’s Fair of Wonders, as it makes its annual migration across Germany bringing entertainment to a people beset by famine, repression and revolutionary ferment.

Philbert soon finds a caring family in Hermann the Fish Man, Lita, the Dancing Dwarf, Frau Fettleheim, the Fattest Woman in the World and an assortment of ‘freak show’ artists, magicians and entertainers.

But then Philbert meets Kwert, ‘Tospirologist and Teller of Signs’, and when he persuades the boy to undergo examination by the renowned physician and craniometrist, Dr Ullendorf, both Kwert and Philbert embark on an altogether darker and more perilous journey that will have far-reaching consequences for a whole nation.


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Hardback 416 pages
ISBN 978-1-910183-20-5
Release Date 31st July 2015
Price £18.99
Trade Paperback 416 pages
ISBN 978-1-910183-21-2
Release Date 31st July 2015
Price £12.99
Ebook 978-1-910183-22-9


Nell and the Girls

Nell and the GirlsJeanne Gask

‘Goodbye! There’s my good girl.’ The German got hold of Papa’s arm roughly and said, ‘Come on!’ They got in the car and sped away, leaving the two breathless girls standing on the street corner, staring at where the car had been. ‘What on earth was all that about? Why has my Daddy gone with that German?’ It made no sense. It made no sense at all.

France, 1940: The British have retreated, evacuating their forces from Dunkirk. Nell and her girls stand on the beach on a clear day and see the outline of Dover Castle but it will be four and a half long years before they return to Britain. Jeanne, her sisters and their mother Nell are left to fend for themselves in occupied France when her father is arrested by the Nazis and taken to an internment camp. Proudly British, they have also been raised speaking French. Nell is determined to keep going, keep food on the table and see her girls continue in education. She takes in washing, teaches English and tries growing vegetables but the soil is too poor. They apply for Red Cross Parcels but are told, as they are not behind barbed wire, they don’t qualify. Yet amid the struggles come great friendships and pleasure in the smallest things; the rare treat of a piece of cake or tart, a Christmas tree decorated with cotton or singing in church.

Jeanne’s sisters are distinct personalities, one bookish and quiet, the other outgoing. Letters from her interned husband Tom Sarginson and occasional visits to see him only temporarily eases the pain of being parted. Nell falls in love with a kindly German soldier. When liberation comes in 1944 Nell and the girls’ excitement is tempered by a shocking event in their then home village of Rieux-en-Cambresis. There follows an exhilarating and frustrating stay in newly liberated Paris and the shock of arriving back in the war weary Britain of late 1944. Nell and the Girls is a remarkable, dramatic and heartwarming true story of a family told from the viewpoint of young Jeanne Sarginson, later Gask.


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Paperback 240 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-910183-11-3
Release Date 7th May 2015
Price £7.99
Ebook 978-1-910183-12-0





The Horse Changer

The Horse ChangerCraig Smith


Dreaming of service to the great Gaius Julius Caesar, the young Tuscan knight, Quintus Dellius, secures the patronage of the youngest of his generals, the dissolute Cornelius Dolabella. Dellius distinguishes himself in Caesar’s Spanish war against Pompey, becomes a tribune of cavalry in Caesar’s army and looks forward to an assured and glittering career.

But when his hero is assassinated the Roman republic is plunged into chaos as both his heirs and enemies jostle for power. In the civil wars that follow, Dellius is soon caught up in a maelstrom of shifting allegiances and the young soldier will need to discover reserves of both tenacity and ruthlessness if he is to survive.

As he journeys from the orgiastic salons of Rome’s Palatine Hill to the Palaces of Alexandria, the rocky fortresses of Judea and the bloody field of Philippi, he manages to incur the enmity both of Egypt’s queen and Rome’s future emperor, but also to snare the affections of a beautiful and cunning young senator’s wife, Livia Drusilla.


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Paperback 384 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-910183-13-7
Release Date 7th July 2015
Price £8.99
Ebook 978-1-910183-14-4


IMPERATRIXRussell Whitfield

Lysandra is back and she’s going to war!

The third adventure in this visceral series inspired by the famous Gladiatrix stele found near Halicarnassus in the 19th century.

In the dirt of the Flavian Amphitheatre, known to history as the Coliseum, lies the bloodied body of Spartan priestess, Lysandra, cut down by Rome’s adored Gladiatrix Prima, the beautiful and deadly Illeana, the Midnight Falcon. At the edge of the underworld, the goddess Athene offers Lysandra’s spirit a stark choice: reside eternally amid the fields of Elysium or return to a life full of pain and sorrow but that will secure Lysandra a glorious place in legend for generations to come. And now it seems that Lysandra’s destiny also lies to the east, and the prospect of a final and bloody reckoning with an old and hated adversary.


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Paperback 512 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1910183-03-8
Release Date 3rd March 2015
Price £7.99
Ebook 978-1910183-04-5