I Married a Pirate

I Married a PirateSamantha David

When Camilla bumped into the Pirate on the net, she never dreamed that she’d fall in love with him. He was old, fat and irascible. He wasn’t Errol Flynn. For his part the Pirate didn’t give a bugger what she thought. She was beautiful and he was old enough to be optimistic about life. So he inveigled her onto his pirate ship in the Caribbean…

She finds that her Pirate is real enough: he sails a sixty-foot ketch, has a loyal crew and makes a living from smuggling, racketeering and things that Camilla would rather not think about. But Johnny Depp he certainly ain’t!

The Pirate is the most outrageous lover in literary history, and Camilla is adorable, intelligent, brave and nutty. Together they inhabit a bohemian world of musicians and artists, buccaneers and eccentrics that will seduce you and leave you gasping for more.

Laugh-aloud-funny, adventurous, romantic and filled with sunshine, I Married a Pirate is escapism with a capital ‘E’.

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‘A rip-roaring ride.  Huge fun and a really interesting new voice.’  
Katie Fforde

‘Pure joy – this unlikely romance between the phlegmatic Camilla and her atypical pirate lover sizzles from start to finish.’
Trisha Ashley

‘A swashbuckling lesson to us all… Samantha David got me hook, line and sinker.’ 
Guardian Abroad

‘An excellent read… I couldn’t put it down… I heartily recommend you get a copy!’ 
Expats Radio

‘Samantha David’s wicked sense of humour will have you laughing out loud on many an occasion as you read this riotous romp! I Married a Pirate is hilarious, innovative and thoroughly original and… had me giggling from the first page till the very last.’
Julie Bonello, Single Titles Reviews


Paperback 256 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-905802-08-1
Release Date 3rd July 2007
Price £7.99