Jeanne Gask is guest of honour in Calais

Nell and the GirlsJeanne Gask, author of the heartwarming memoir Nell and the Girls, paid a visit to Calais by invitation from the Calais Tourism Office. Jeanne travelled by Eurostar with her daughter and journalist, Marina Gask.
Whilst visiting Calais Jeanne attended a book signing at a local book shop called Librarie du Port – where the book is now in stock – and also attended a press conference. Jeanne was overwhelmed by the welcome and interest shown by the locals and the French press. It soon became apparent that Jeanne’s recounting of her experience of WWII in occupied France was not particularly well known in Calais.
The French press were very interested in hearing Jeanne’s experiences about the rounding up in 1940 of British nationals who were then taken to the Polish border, an account that was unfamiliar to them.
Jeanne’s father, Tom Sarginson was interred along with P G Wodehouse and you can read more about Tom in this wonderful account of his life:
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