The Juggler

The JugglerSebastian Beaumont

Mark did what people aren’t supposed to do. He left his home, his job, his wife, his friends, his seven month old baby… everything. He set out with only two things. One was a flyer advertising a nightclub, with an address written on the back in spidery pencil. The other was a small, hard bag of the sort that photographers carry their lenses in. But this bag did not contain photographic equipment. It contained £40,000 in cash.

But it is not so easy to start again. Mark must find his way in a new town where no one will talk about their past, and where mobile phones don’t work. He soon discovers that this is not all that’s strange about this nameless town. Friendships turn into a web of deceit and motives are always suspect. Mark’s journey, both physical and metaphysical, takes him through layers of reality and towards refuge of an unexpected kind. 

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‘A dramatic and vividly written second novel by a talented young writer is is a must read –top stuff.’

‘Sebastian Beaumont’s debut novel Thirteen blew me away wen I read it a couple of years ago . . . Beaumont’s follow-up book, The Juggler, quite literally caught me by surprise. If this book turned out to be half as good as its predecessor then I was in for quite a ride. I braced myself accordingly. And a good job too for The Juggler isn’t half as good as Thirteen. It’s better.’ Scott Pack, Meandmybigmouth.blogspot


Hardback 272 pages
ISBN 978-1-905802-26-5
Release Date 3rd February 2009
Price £13.99
Trade Paperback 272 pages
ISBN 978-1-905802-27-2
Release Date 3rd February 2009
Price £9.99
Ebook 978-1-910183-17-5