The Blood Lance

The Blood LanceCraig Smith

Kufstein, Austria, 1939

At the foot of a mountain known as The Wilder Kaiser lies the body of an SS officer, his neck broken but his face a picture of bliss and serenity. The dead man is known to history as Otto Rahn, Himmler’s own archaeologist. Rahn’s pursuit of the legendary Blood Lance of the Cathars has not only led to his own downfall but set in motion a tragic chain of events reaching far beyond the holocaust.

Switzerland 1997

Lord Robert Kenyon is a wealthy financier and a senior member of a humanitarian order calling themselves The Knights of the Holy Lance. Whilst climbing the North face of the Eiger with his new bride, he is attacked and murdered and his young wife Kate left for dead.

New York City 2008

When billionaire Jack Farrell, long suspected of connections to European crime syndicates cuts loose after defrauding his own company, ex CIA agent Thomas Malloy is assigned to track him down. The trail leads to Germany and the Order of the Holy Lance. With his friends, former art thieves Kate and Ethan Brand, Malloy set out to unlock the secrets of the order: Malloy seeks his man; Kate must find the truth about what happened on the slopes of the Eiger eleven years before – and exact her vengeance. Their first step is to kidnap a corrupt lawyer, connected to the order, from his home in Hamburg. Things don’t quite run to plan – and all hell breaks loose.

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‘A marvellously thrilling book. . . the distinction between villain and hero is constantly blurred. . . a most enthralling story.’   Paul Doherty, author of the Hugh Corbett mysteries 

‘Seamlessly mixing history, legend and fiction Smith’s writing is both intelligent and exhilarating. His characters are alive, and the twists and turns of the several plots will keep readers breathless.’  Historical Novels Review


Hardback 384 pages
ISBN 978-1-905802-22-7
Release Date 2nd September 2008
Price £16.99
Paperback 384 pages
B Format
ISBN 978-1-905802-29-6
Release Date 4th April 2010
Price £7.99
Trade Paperback 384 pages
ISBN 978-1-905802-23-4
Release Date 2nd September 2008
Price £11.99
Ebook 978-1-905802-555